Meditation: 101 is a 4-part course in developing inner awareness and a resilient, adaptable meditation practice you’ll have with you for life. Each part of the course will teach valuable tools and techniques to decrease stress, and increase focus and calm. It’s the perfect introduction for beginner meditators and those looking to reduce the effects of stress in their lives.

While this course is for anyone and everyone, it's especially helpful 

NBWC is an initiative aimed at creating self-awareness, clarity and calm. Once you commit to NBWC you’ll find ‘stuff’ coming up that it’s important to have the tools to deal with.

Giving up alcohol, no matter how much or how little you drank, is a gateway into learning more about yourself. A solid meditation practice is an essential part of unlocking who you really are.

However, it’s the unfathomable level of stress, that’s released through this practice that we feel is what makes it truly a game-changer.

Course Outline: 

    1. Part One: The benefits of mindfulness and a meditation practice. How stress effects us. We teach the foundations of a meditation practice and simple meditation techniques.
    2. Part Two: Developing awareness through sensation. Evolving your meditation technique. 
    3. Part Three: How the mind works - the unconscious, subconscious and conscious. Taking the practice into your life. How to keep resilient and focused. Making the practice work for you.
    4. Part Four: We assess how the practice is integrating into your life.

We then will schedule two follow-up sessions over the course of the next two months to keep the student on track.

Course Details:

Private Instruction: NZ$840 (includes two follow-up sessions)

Group instruction: $210/pp – 4 people or more, up to 8 students (follow up sessions are separate and individual, not included in this price)

VIP NBWC Membership includes this course. Please register for the dates that suit you.

 Upcoming group course dates: 

April 10, 11, 12 @ 6-7pm Grey Lynn

April 11, 12, 13 @ 12.30-13.30pm Grey Lynn

June 5, 6, 7 @ 6-7pm Grey Lynn


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