30th April NBWC Mixer: Tales of The Booze-Free

No Beers? Who Cares! is all about events that inspire and this month we have a night of tales of the booze-free comedian and DJ.

NZ Comedian Guy Williams will be joining us and it might surprise you to hear that despite what you think about comedians, not all of them are boozers. Guy's never drunk and doesn't plan on doing so anytime soon so when the pre-stand up jitters kick in, he doesn't turn to a beer but embraces the nerves head on. We'll hear all about being sober in a somewhat boozy line of work and why he's chosen never to drink. His new show 'I Wanna Hear What I Have To Say' opens on the 1st of May. More info here.

NBWC Ambassador Jack Stack is a writer, chart-topping producer, DJ and former-George FM radio host. Jack spent almost a decade DJ-ing as part of the duo, Stack & Piece, playing at festivals and clubs around NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands. However, it wasn’t all fun times for the DJs and several years ago Jack had a two-year bout of depression which left him broke and homeless. After hitting rock-bottom he decided to make significant life changes – including eating healthy, quitting drinking and exercising - and turned his entire life around. Jack's going to chat with us about the life of a sober DJ and why he made this change.

The night will be MC'd by NBWC Founder Claire Robbie and there will be time for some Q&A.

We'll also have mocktails by Seedlip - the new non-alcoholic spirit and Aotea Tonics. Toto's vegan pizza is on the menu too.

These evenings are for anyone and everyone wanting to hang out, drink some delish mocktails and meet likeminded people. If you'd like to join us for a stint on the wagon you can learn more @nobeerswhocares.